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Another Fearless Award

Woohoo — I won another Fearless Award in the last round of competition! Braggety brag, braggy brag brag. Granted, a wedding day is not about the awards I win. My brides and grooms hear me preach all the time about how their photos are about their special day, the vows they take, and all moments big and small that happen around them… but it sure is nice to be recognized.:)

Bouquet toss photo by Dexter Lo Photography

Here’s how the team at Fearless Photographers describes what the directory is all about:

FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS is a unique directory of the world’s boldest photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of wedding documentation to surprise you with extraordinary images from your wedding day.

And what is a “Fearless Award”?

Every two months a curated competition is open for submissions from photographers the world over. Of these submissions less than one out of ten images – 10% – are selected by our curators to include in the site. These top images are given the prestigious “Fearless Awards” – photographs that excel in redefining traditional wedding photography.

May 24, 2012 - 6:42 pm

Milla - Dexter Lo this ROCKS! Wow, what an image… great work, friend.