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Walnut Engagement Session :: Ciara + Richard

I knew that Ciara+Richard would be unique as a couple when Richard first contacted me and made it clear that he would be handling all the correspondence. It became so evident as we talked at their consultation and also before and after their engagement session how much Richi loves Ciara and makes extra effort to take care of her. It really is delightful to see when guys get involved in the wedding planning (maybe I just relate because I was pretty involved in the process of my own). But it’s extra special when you see all the little, unspoken things… like how Richard runs around the house getting stuff ready so Ciara doesn’t have to lift a finger. And how he asks every few minutes how she’s doing. I also love how down-to-earth both of them are, and how high of a priority their family and friends are to them — even when it comes to their wedding planning. I can already tell it’s going to be an awesome day, and I can’t wait for it to get here in a few short months.

Now on to the photos! One of my favorite things to suggest to clients when deciding on a location for engagement sessions is to think of a place that feels like home to them. Sometimes that means a favorite museum or a part of town where they love shopping… but in this case, Ciara and Richi wisely chose Walnut, CA — the neighborhood where they both grew up, where their families both live, and where they will be starting a family of their own. This made for some really unique portraits that will hold special meaning to them and their families for a long time.