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Our Family Trips to the Philippines

Earlier this year, we took a pair of 10-day trips to the Philippines within the span of 2 months. “WHAT!? You must be insane, traveling that distance for that short of a time with two kids under 5. WHY!?” you might be asking. Yes, that would be us. But it’s not every year that you get to attend a celebration and family reunion surrounding the 90th birthday of your grandmother. Or the 100th birthday of your wife’s grandmother. Not a lot of kids get to meet their great-grandparents, but Hannah and Ava did. As difficult as the travel, jet lag, illness, heat/humidity, exhaustion, traffic, smog, hectic schedules and insanity of our trips were, we can absolutely say without a doubt that it was all worth it — if not just for us, for the experience and stories that our kids will remember for a long time.

Ava’s first plane ride was rough, but we eventually got the hang of it.

Hanging out with my cousins’ kids. Big kids doing the typical video game thing, and little kids just trying to cope with the heat and sweat.

My sister and my kids bringing my grandmother kumquats (a Chinese symbol for prosperity) from our garden for her birthday. Yes, it was absolutely illegal for us to smuggle those overseas. Shame on my mama! 😉

Bathing suit time…

One of my favorite things about these trips was seeing my kids get to bond with their cousins.

Birthday cake is an international beacon of joy.:)

Do your family gatherings look like this?