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Every Seven :: Week 07

So.. I’ve fallen ridiculously behind on my Every Seven posts. But I’m going to continue doing them anyway. Falling behind is certainly not a reason to quit. =) Now, on to the post… We started taking Hannah to swimming lessons at the Toby Wells YMCA in San Diego. She definitely loves it and gives us […]

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Every Seven :: Week 06

A few weeks ago, my parents came to visit, so I decided to pull out my cameras and shoot some images of Hannah playing with her grandparents for my next “Every Seven” collection. I love looking at photos like this, where people are enjoying their time together and not so conscious of the camera. I […]

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Every Seven :: Week 05

Following on the heels of my week 04 post, my week 05 post is also about using off-camera flash to light details. This time, my subject is the Ricohflex VI that my brother got me for Christmas! My favorite of the set is definitely the 3rd one on the top row. I think the next […]

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Every Seven :: Week 04

This set was designed to challenge me in the way I use my off-camera lighting to light small objects. At weddings, I’m often faced with various lighting conditions, but I always want to capture great shots of all the wonderful details that my brides & grooms (and their coordinators) have put so much planning and […]

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Every Seven :: Week 03

Another addition to my “Every Seven” project! These are photos of Hannah that I took during our recent trip up to the Bay area (namely San Francisco, San Jose, Mountain View, Oakland). I only took one lens with me, but these are actually some of my favorite photos of my daughter. The first few images […]

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