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Every Seven :: Week 01

Here’s installment #1 of my new photo project for the year. I decided to take this on this personal (non-wedding) project to fine-tune my photography and story-telling skills. Some of the sets might be simple “at-home” type of posts of my daughter running around being cute (as this first one is), and some might be things related to composition or lighting, or some specific subject matter that strikes me.

Set #1 is just a collection of photos of Hannah taken on New Year’s Day using my awesome new Nikkor 85mm f/1.8 lens (BH/Amazon). This thing is sharp!



Hi everyone, and welcome to my new blog! (You can still find the old one here.) I figured it would be a good time to migrate over to the WordPress platform before the wedding season kicks into full gear. Big thanks to my buddy Hung Tran for doing most of the work and getting me set up on the ProPhoto blog theme. Thanks for dropping by!